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Topic 5: Religion in a global context

Religion and development
Hinduism and consumerism

Globalisation has created a large, education, urban middle class in India who are more religious
then `their uneducated counterparts'
This is a result of ambivalence surrounding their newfound wealth stemming from tension
between the Hindu belief…

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Topic 5: Religion in a global context

Fundamentalists: Traditionalists who seek to return to the fundamentals of their faith. They
believe in the literal truth of their sacred texts and believe that theirs is the only true view of the
Detest modernity but use it to spread their beliefs…

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Topic 5: Religion in a global context

o Confucian
o Japanese
o Hindu
o Slavic-Orthodox (Russia and Eastern Europe)
Religious differences are creating `us and them' relationships
Religious differences are harder to resolve as they are deeply rooted in culture and history
Predicts growing conflict between the West and the…


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