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Sociocultural explanation for Schizophrenia

Labelling: > When a person is labelled as schizophrenic, if effects their behaviour in the
future self fulfilling prophecy
> Diagnosis is simply a way of labelling individuals who society considers to be
> The patient becomes stereotyped, their subsequent actions are considered…

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(body language) to their children
> Child becomes confused and develops a strategy where
ignore the verbal message limited moral understanding
> Leads to a suspicion surrounding what people say and a
fixation on the meaning of gestures and tones
> Can lead to paranoia or delusions of reference…

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environmental stressor could trigger the onset of which
dysfunction could be one, however further research suggests
that this may be a bigger factor in determining the likelihood
> Cause and effect Hard to distinguish whether the
proposed by the theory cause schizophrenia or vice versa e.g.…


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