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Aggression -
Social psychological theories of aggression:
There are several broad approaches to explaining aggression, such as by
reference to biology. However, social psychological theories see aggression as
arising out of social interactions.

Social Learning Theory:
Although animal aggression tends to be a result of instinctual drives, the Social

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Bandura et al (1961-1963) showed children various scenarios involving
aggressive behaviour being performed on a Bobo doll. He found that the
children were likely to behave aggressively after being deliberately
frustrated, and imitated the specific behaviours they had observed
through the films. Bandura concluded that the chances of aggressive…

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real acts of aggression and play fighting, which may have acted as a
confounding variable.
o Ethical Issues - there are doubts about the possibility of distress and
the potential long-term consequences for encouraging children to be
Huesmann (1988) reported that children use television role models to direct


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