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Tar and breathing

Cigarette contains over 4000 different types of chemical. Many of these are harmful for the
body. Cigarette smoke includes:
Tar (which is a mixture of chemicals)
Carbon monoxide

Tar is a combination of chemicals that settles itself on the lining of the airways…

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on the genetic materials within the cell. The change caused to the cell is called mutation. If
any mutation is caused to the cell, the genes are affected causing the cell to uncontrollable
divide. This is called cancer. Cancer often starts at the bronchi. Lung cancer can often take

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Nicotine causes the platelets to become sticky. This increases the risk of blood clots
The stickiness of the platelets caused by nicotine increases the chance of blood
clots. The sensitive membrane that covers the plague is damaged, red blood cells
also stick to the exposed fatty deposits. This blood…


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