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Advanced Math-Honors
Graphing Sine and Cosine…read more

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General Graphs
· Graphs are collections of points
· Independent variables are related to
dependent variables
· Domain is set of independent variable
· Range is set of dependent variable values…read more

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Periodic Graphs
· Graphs that repeat infinitely in intervals
are called periodic
· Ex: Sea level as a function of time
· The most common periodic graphs are the
graphs of the trigonometric functions
· Sine, cosine, tangent, cosecant, secant, and
cotangent…read more

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The Sine Graph
Oscillation-one complete "cycle" of the graph
Period-"time" (horizontal distance) it takes the graph to complete one oscillation
Amplitude-the furthest vertical distance the graph ventures from the vertical center…read more

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The Sine Graph
·We think of the sine graph as starting at an x-value of zero
·It begins at a y-value of zero
·It then moves up the distance of its amplitude
·Next it moves back down to the x-axis
·Then it moves down the distance of its amplitude
·The it completes an oscillation by moving back up the x-axis…read more

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The Sine Graph
·The period of the sine graph is...
·So the horizontal length of each "piece" of the sine graph is...
·The amplitude of the sine graph is...(think about the values of sine)…read more

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