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Site ­ position of the settlement

Situation ­ where the settlement is in relation to its surroundings

Christaller Central Place Theory: Than people would go to the nearest
place for shopping, and the bigger the place the further people would
come. K=3

Threshold population ­ the minimum number of…

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Burgess Model:

Hoyts Model:

LEDC: Mann's Model

Megalopolis ­ largest type of settlement

Conurbation ­ smaller than a megalopolis, but
bugger than a city. Where a large city has merged
together with other urban areas.

CBD ­ Central Business District is the heart of a
city, where the settlement was…

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Suburbs ­ began to expand after WW1. They housing lots have irregular
roads, with a mixture of semi detached, and detached houses.

RuralUrban Fringe ­ different land uses may be found, such as farmland
forest or golf parks.

Rural to urban migration ­ movement form countryside to towns.

Counterurbanisation ­…

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Shanty Towns


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