Revision notes on Settlement for GCSE Geography.

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Site ­ position of the settlement
Situation ­ where the settlement is in relation to its surroundings
Christaller Central Place Theory: Than people would go to the nearest
place for shopping, and the bigger the place the further people would
come. K=3
Threshold population ­ the minimum number of people needed to ensure
that demand is great enough for a particular service to be supported.
Sphere of Influence ­ the joining of the furthest distances people will
travel to come to a particular place.
Range ­ how far people will go for a service
Hierarchy: places larger more important places, with larger sphere of
influence, above smaller ones. There are less large settlements than
there are smaller ones.
Shapes and Patterns
Urbanization ­ is the process of urban growth which leads to a greater
proportion of the countries residents being concentrated into towns and
Urban Growth ­ is the process of town and cities growth. Measured by
population size and extent of urban area.
Millionaire cities ­ Paris, New York and Mexico City
Urban Change
Population Movement
Edge cities

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Suburbs ­ began to expand after WW1. They housing lots have irregular
roads, with a mixture of semi detached, and detached houses.
RuralUrban Fringe ­ different land uses may be found, such as farmland
forest or golf parks.
Rural to urban migration ­ movement form countryside to towns.
Counterurbanisation ­ people move back to the countryside form the
Transport Improvements ­ Ring roads, urban motorways, public
transport, multistory car parks, make high streets pedestrian areas.…read more

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Shanty Towns…read more


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