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Home Schooling GCSE Biology The Course
Each lesson of the GCSE Biology course begins with a set of clearly stated objectives and an explanation
of its place in the overall programme of study. Effective learning is encouraged through frequent activities
and selfassessment questions, and there are a large number of simply drawn and easytocopy
illustrations. There are eight tutormarked assignments, two major progress tests and three practice
exam papers. No previous study of the subject is required.
Key Topics Covered
The course is divided into three modules. Each of these modules is linked to a 45 minute examination.
Biology 1
How do human bodies respond to changes inside them and to their
What can we do to keep our bodies healthy?
How do we use/abuse medical and recreational drugs?
What causes infectious disease and how can our bodies defend
themselves against them?
What determines where particular species live and how many of them
there are?
Why are individuals of the same species different from each other?
What new methods do we have for producing plants and animals with
the characteristics we prefer?
Biology 2
What are animals and plants built from?
How do dissolved substances get into and out of cells?
How do plants obtain the food they need to live and grow?
What happens to energy and biomass at each stage in a food chain?
What happens to the waste material produced by plants and animals?
What are enzymes and what are some of their functions?
How do our bodies keep internal conditions constant?
Which human characteristics show a simple pattern of inheritance?
Biology 3
How do dissolved substances get into and out of animals and plants?
How are dissolved materials transported around the body?
How does exercise affect the exchanges taking place within the body?
How do exchanges in the kidney help us to maintain the internal
Environment in mammals and how has biology helped us to treat kidney
How are microorganisms used to make food and drink?
What other useful substances can we make using microorganisms?
How can we be sure we are using microorganisms safely?
The Syllabus
This course prepares students for AQA GCSE Biology syllabus 4411, for exams until June 2012.
Assessment is by three written papers (75%) and a practical assessment (25%). We have chosen this
syllabus as it is the most suited to Home Schooling.

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What is meant by the efficient use of energy?
Why are electrical devices so useful?
How should we generate the electricity we need?
What are the uses and hazards of the waves that form the electromagnetic spectrum?
What are the uses and dangers of emissions from radioactive substances?
What do we know about the universe and how it continues to change?
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