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`Split mind'

Schizophrenia is a form of psychotic mental disorder when people lose touch with reality. The patient
believes things which aren't true and have hallucinations when they see or hear things when there is no
external stimulus to cause these. Schizophrenia is most common in teenage boys; whereas…

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Lack of emotions ­ Affective symptoms
Not reacting, emotional blocking
Inappropriate emotions ­ Affective symptoms
Such as laughing at bad news
Stereotyped behaviours ­ Behavioural symptoms
Repeating actions which are strange and purposeless
Psychomotor disturbance ­ Behavioural Symptoms
Not being able to control your muscles
Catatonic stupor ­ Behavioural symptoms…

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schizophrenia was not a `useful'
Prognosis Harrison et al : suggests that Malmberg et al : suggests that
social ,skills, academic gender may influence prognosis.
achievement and
family tolerance may influence Rule of thirds
Cultural differences Davison & Neale: Asian cultures Arabic cultures it is normal for


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