Russia and WW2

  1. Preparations for war
  2. Why did Russia win
  3. Events
  4. Results
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Preparations for war:
1935 ­ military discipline was tightened (Stalin went back to the Tsarist regime of strict army
1937 ­ 38 ­ Purges of the army (to ensure all members of the army were loyal to regime)
however a great deal of military experience was lost.
Huge network of international spies however Stalin never trusted his intelligence
Rearmament of five years plans
1943 production of explosives was 5 times that of 1938.
Machine guns and aircraft was double)
1939 building of six new aircraft factories.
Military spending of five year plans increased (4% to 17% to 33% respectively)
Russia had a more powerful economy than that of Germany
Party was united behind Stalin due to the fear of being purged
Purge of Leningrad party had left people fearful
Fighting for their `motherland'
Why did Russia Win?
German Tactical Mistakes
Hitler had launched a war against Russia whilst still fighting Britain and France = TOO
Operation Barbarossa ­ Launched later than expected, leading to it having to be fought
during the winter which meant that Germans were unable to cope with the weather, they
weren't supplied well enough & were unprepared for harsh conditions
Siege of Leningrad and Moscow ­ Hitler should have used force, instead this prolonged the
war and enabled Russian troops to regroup = Russian successful counteroffensive
Hitler sent troops to Stalingrad instead of sending them to main cities = overstretched
German army
Due to five year plans, Red army were well supplied
Grand Alliance = strong dominant army
Party united behind Stalin (Stalin remained in Moscow ­ strong political figure head)
Grand Alliance of the Britain, USA and USSR
WAR ECONOMY ­ Stalin had created a war economy leading to a well supplied red army
(see preparations for war) Moving of industry to east of Urals

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Lend lease was of more significance in terms of food and transport. The Red Army
was dependent on American and Canadian wheat and tinned goods such as SPAM.
Overall in terms of food and transport LendLease was critical to Russian success.
Nazi war economy ­ been preparing since 1933 however by 1943 Hitler thought that the
Germany economy was four years behind schedule.…read more


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