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Quotes from the Bible/ Quran/Hadith, you could as evidence for different topics such as euthanasia.

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Jesus: `I am the resurrection and the life whoever believes in me (...) shall have eternal life
(in heaven)' (life after death)
`All things in the end shall return to you Lord' (life after death ­ Qur'an)
`Do not murder' (abortion, euthanasia the 10 commandments)
`... your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit' (abortion, euthanasia, racism, sexism)
`love your neighbour as yourself' (The Golden Rule ­ all topics)
God made humans `in his image' (abortion, euthanasia, racism, sexism, role of women ­
`kill not your offspring for fear of poverty ... Allah will provide for them' (abortion,
`The Lord kills and restores life' (euthanasia, abortion, contraception Bible)
`No one dies unless Allah permits it' (euthanasia, abortion, contraception
Adultery is `shameful' and `evil' ( premarital sex/adultery Qur'an)
`God wants you to be holy and completely free from sexual immorality' (premarital
`The most detestable act that Allah has permitted is divorce' (divorce)
`What God has joined together let no man separate' (divorce ­ Bible)
`Paradise lies at the feet of your mother' (the importance of families)
`No father can give his child anything better than good manners' (the importance of
Children: `It is your Christian duty to obey your parents.'
Parents: `Bring your children up with Christian discipline and instruction' (the importance of
`if two men among you commit indecency punish them both' (homosexuality ­ Qur'an)
`'No man is to have sexual relations with another man' (homosexuality ­ Bible)
`There is no difference between men and women they are all one in Christ' (racism, sexism,
role of women in Church)
`All people are equal as the teeth of a comb ...' (racism, sexism, rights for women ­

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Do not ill treat foreigners who are living in your land' (racism ­ Bible)
`All Allah's creatures are his family' (racism ­ Hadith)…read more


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