RS Animal Rights

Summary of different topics within animal Rights

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Definition For Against Religious views
Animal Practice of Livelihood protection Sentient beings Buddhists think it is
Hunting pursuing Entertainment should not be tormenting/abusing and does not
living There for our benefit harmed keep on the eight-fold path.
animals for Help remove pests. Means to live Christians may say either animals
organically, we are under our controlled (so fine) or
or trade. don't require that we have a duty to protect them.
Term refers animals Hindus believe it is unnecessary and
to lawful wrong.
hunting, Islam says animals killed will speak
more than out on judement day
poaching Jews think it is wrong, told to care
for animals
For Sikhs it is a matter of
Fur and Ivory and Livelihood protection Sentient beings See above
Ivory fur trade There for our benefit should not be
involves Need clothes harmed
killing No point in wasting Means to live
animals for
fur, bones etc. If organically, we
products. already dead don't require
Cock, Making No harm done, No right to set See Above
Bull and animals natural adrenaline in these
dog fight with animals competitions
fighting each other Just animals Unfair, and can be
for sport.
Enjoy competing inhumane for
Feel pain and fear
Veg vs. Many Good source of Other ways to live May eat meat but must kill in certain
Meat people protein Bad treatment of ways in Islam and Judaism (halal
choose Animals treated well animals and shechitah) both don't eat pigs.
diets out of and killed painlessly. Most Hindus and Buddhists
choice, but
(Vegans, should not vegetarian as belief in life cycle and
people do take their products or ahimsa (not harming animals)
not have a lives off animals) Many Sikhs are vegetarian, and the
this luxury langar in the gurdwara only serves
vegetarian food so it does not
Christians may be vegetarians but
God told Noah that all things could
be eaten. St Paul said same but no
foods that causes someone else to
Intensiv Using Produces high Have no right also increase chances of
e factories, amount of crops to kill animals schizophrenia and cancer (humans)
farming chemicals

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crops to afford it reduce quality for food chain.…read more

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