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Everything Else!…read more

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Transportation Processes
The process of large boulders being
Minerals such as limestone and
bounced along the river bed.
chalk are carried along in the flow,
although they cannot be seen.
Saltation Suspension
Small pebbles are bounced along The finer sand and silt sized
the river bed, picked up and particles are carried along in the
dropped, as the flow of the river flow, giving the river its brown
changes. appearance.…read more

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Erosion Processes
Hydraulic Power Corrasion/ Abrasion
· The force of the water on the · The river carries with it
bed and banks of the river. It particles of silt and sand and
is particularly powerful moves pebbles and boulders at
when the river is in flood. times of high flow. The
The force removes material material rubs against the bed
from the bed and banks. and banks and wears them
away.…read more

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Erosion Processes
Corrosion Attrition
· Some rock minerals, such as · The load being carried by the
calcium carbonate in river collides and rubs
limestone and chalk, slowly against itself, breaking into
dissolve in water, which is small pieces. The rough edges
sometimes slightly acidic. also become smooth, forming
smaller, rounded material
which are eventually reduced
to sand and silt sized.…read more

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Examples of Landforms
Upper Course ­ v-shaped valleys and interlocking
spurs, the river channel, waterfalls and gorges.
Middle Course ­ meanders, river cliff, slip-off
Lower Course ­ flood plain, delta, levee.…read more

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Upper Course
· Vertical erosion is the main process.
· Valleys are v-shaped, interlocking spurs.
· Waterfalls are formed.
· Rapids are smaller scale feature formed where
finer bands of varying resistance of rock sare
found.…read more

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