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Rights and Responsibilities Revision

Bible the holy book of Christians

Church the community of Christians (with a small c it means a Christian place
of worship)

conscience an inner feeling of the rightness or wrongness of an action

the Decalogue the Ten Commandments

democratic processes the ways in which all…

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3. Some Christians believe that the Bible was written by humans about
God's work in the world and therefore is a guide that needs

The authority of the Church for Christians and why some Christians use only the
Church's teachings as a basis for making moral decisions.

4. Some…

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situation ethics guidelines if you don't know all the facts or cannot
predict all the consequences.

Why some Christians use a variety of authorities in making moral decisions.

Christians can, and often do, can use a variety of authorities. Most would look to
what the Bible and the Church say…

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Many others say that it is impossible if you follow Bible teaching to stay out of
politics as it is the only way to make major changes for the better. In James 2 it says:
"What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has…

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Different attitudes to genetic engineering and cloning in Christianity and the reasons
for them.

Some Christians say that situation ethics says that if we can stop a lot of suffering
then we should proceed with genetic engineering.

However others say that the quote from Psalm 139:13, (For you formed my…


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