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Restless Earth

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Moving Tectonic Plates
Crust- Made from thin layers
of tectonic plates.
Mantle- Divided into a solid upper
part & a semi-liquid lower part,
which can flow
Core- Consists of a liquid
outer core & solid inner core.…read more

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Convection Current
1) The core heats the molten rock in
the mantle to create a convection
2) Heated rock from the mantle rises
to the earths surface.
3) At the surface the convection
current moves the tectonic plates
in the curst.
4) Molten rock cools & flows
back to the core to be reheated.…read more

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Volcanic & Earthquake Hazards
75,000 dead & 75,000 2.8 million Up to 12,000 homeless
homeless 3757 injured
Earthquake Earthquake
63 dead
in Kashmir in California
2005 1989
Remote Property damage Built up, Property
mountainous accessible area damage $10
$440 million
area billion…read more

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Shield Volcanoes Composite Volcanoes
-Are found on constructive plate boundaries. -Are found on destructive plate boundaries.
- Are formed by eruptions of thin, runny lava -Are formed by eruption of viscous, sticky lava
which flows along way before it solidifies. & ash that doesn't flow far.
-Have gently sloping sides & a wide base. -Have steep sloping sides & a narrow base.
-Contain basaltic magma which is very hot -Made up of layers of thick lava & ash.
with low silica & gas content.
-Contain andesitic magma which is less hot
-Erupt frequently but not violently. but contains lots of silica & gas.
-Erupt infrequently but violently, including
pyroclastic flows.…read more

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