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Organisms increase their chance of
survival by responding to changes in
their external environment; eg by
avoiding hostile environments.…read more

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Taxes and kineses as simple that can maintain a mobile in a favourable
Taxes- A simple response whose direction is determined by
the direction of the stimulus.
Earthworms will move away from light, this helps
them survive as it takes them into soil where they are
able to conserve food and avoid predators
Earthworms move away from light, it keeps them
concealed (avoid predators) and keeps them in damp
conditions (conserve water).…read more

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A simple reflex arc three The
of in avoiding to the…read more

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Control of heart The role of chemoreceptors and pressure receptors, the autonomic
rate nervous system and effectors in controlling heart rate.…read more

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Stimulus Receptor Neurone and Neurone Effector Response
High Blood Baroreceptors- Impulses sent to medulla, Cardiac Heart rate slows
Pressure detect high blood which sends impulses Muscles down to reduce blood
pressure along parasympathetic pressure
neurones. These secrete
acetylcholine binding
with the receptors on
Low Blood Baroreceptors- Impulses sent to medulla, Cardiac Heart rate speeds up
Pressure detect low blood which sends impulses Muscles to increase blood
pressure along sympathetic pressure
neurones.…read more

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