Renaissance Test

I have absolutly no idea if this is going to help any of you out there, but here you go. Here's a test on music from the Renaissance Period. If it helped, please do let me know. Hope it helps, I know it helped me.


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Renaissance Test
(If you want you can time yourself, but I would spend more than 30 minutes on this)
1. What does "Renaissance" mean and what was there advancement of in this
time? (2)
2. In Medieval/Middle Ages times what did composers heavily rely upon? (5)
3. What is sacred music? (2)
4. What is secular music? (2)
5. What does polyphonic mean? (2)
6. What does homophonic mean? (2)
7. What language was masses and motets written in? (1)
8. Define what a mass is. (5)
9. Define what a motet is. (2)
10. What was the most popular style of secular music in England and Italy at this
time? (1)
11. What was the most popular style of secular music in France at this time? (1)
12. What where most songs based upon? (3)
13. What is the Madrigal Proper? (3)
14. What is the Chanson? (3)
Feel free to edit this, just give me credit when sharing. Despite my name, this file is 100% safe. So,
go ahead and enable editing. Go on, click that little button up there, you know you want to...
;D. Enjoy!


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