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Conversion…read more

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· Brought up in a bad environment
· His parents mentally abused him, his mother called him
`son of Satan'
· When he was 15, he ran away and lived on his streets
· He joined the Man-Mau gang and soon become their leader
· He was converted by David Wilkerson
· Afterward, Cruz and some gang members turned
themselves in
· Cruz attended Bible college, became a preacher and
returned to his old neighbour to convert other members of
the gang
· He is now married, with four children of his own…read more

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· Considered to be a direct experience, described by Rudolf
Otto as `numinous'
· It is said to be an experience which offers evidence of the
`wholly other' nature of God
· It of often accompanied with by feelings of awe, wonder
and humility before the power and majesty of God
"Twice I have experienced the certainty of the presence of the
Mother of God, which was an awareness of purity, holiness and
love unlike anything I have ever known. Her holiness would have
been frightening, but for the strong feeling of love and compassion"
- Father Yives Dubois…read more

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· It's a form of religious experience where someone live takes
a dramatic turn
· It is common for people who have had a conversion
experience to bring about serious change
· A desire to be faithful and help others
· A person is completely changed by their experiences
· Referred to as `fruits of the experience'
"I felt my heart strangely warmed, I felt I did trust in Christ, Christ
alone for salvation, and on assurance was given me, that he had
taken away my sins, even mine"
- John Wesley…read more

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· Feeling of over whelming
· Feeling of the presence of a transcendent being
· Tend to be people who have lead a sinful
· Show an awareness of a being greater than themselves
· Reference to scriptures
· Impact of their life
William James Features:
· Loss of worry
· Saintliness
· Perceiving truths not known before
· The world appears to change
· Ecstasy of happiness…read more

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Provides empirical evidence, the person actively changed
their life
Swinburne: Principle of credibility and testimony
James: Truth can be found in the results and reaction of the
These experiences often have dramatic events
People who live a sinful life could be experiencing extreme
forms of guilt
Freud: Related to the relationship with the panther, God is
a protector figure
Could be a voluntary act from the person…read more


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