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Religion and Equality
Christianity…read more

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Biblical Teachings Discrimination- being unfair to people
that same similar beliefs or
characteristics (acting upon prejudice).
of Equality Prejudice-pre-judging someone.
Christians believe that everyone should be treated equally and no one should be
discriminated as we are "All made in the image of God." People can be discriminated due to
their age, gender, race, religion or disability.
Biblical examples that support equality:
· "Love one another as I have loved you"- Jesus
· "There is no slave nor free, male or female, for we are all one in Christ
Jesus."- Galatians
· " Love your neighbour as yourself"- Jesus
· "What ever you did for one of least of these brothers, you did for me"-
parable of sheep and the goat…read more

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towards Racism
Christians oppose racism due to teachings in the bible that encourage equality. The good
Samaritan is an example of one of these teachings, in which Jesus said "you should love your
neighbour" neighbour meaning anyone in need.
Christians should:
· Campaign to stop racism
· Protest against racial policies
· Educate children of the importance of respect
However it can be argued that some Christians have been racist in the past, for example
· many Christians were slave owners .
· In the sixteenth century invading Spanish tried to force people in South America to convert
to Christianity.
· During the Crusades thousands of people were killed in the name of Christianity.…read more

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Role of Women in
Many people believe that men and women should have equal roles, whereas some
For equal roles Against equal roles
Most churches allow women to be Adam was made before Eve
When Jesus rose from the dead he first Women should "be silent" in church
appeared before Mary Magdalene
In the early church women worshipped Jesus was a man and all of his disciples
together with disciples were men
Women are capable to do many of the Eve was the first to commit sin
same things as men…read more

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Attitudes Proselytising- try to convert somebody to
a religious faith.
towards Other Evangelism- spreading the word of
Exclusivist Christians Pluralist Christians
· Believe that you can not Inclusive Christians · Believe that all
go to heaven unless you religions are equally
believe saviour of the · Believe that other religions valid and all have the
Earth. have part of the truth but same idea of right,
· "I am the truth"-Jesus are still searching for the good and wrong.
· "Nobody comes to father truth. · "in my father's house
except through me"-Jesus there are many rooms"
· Christianity is a proselytising religion.
· Many Christians are missionaries and are sent other countries spread its faith
· Ecumenism is when different denominations work together.…read more

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Forgiveness and Reconciliation- renewing a good
Reconciliation relationship after a dispute
Christians believe that God is merciful and Christians try to follow this.
Examples of teachings of forgiveness include:
· The lords prayer
· "love your enemy and pray for those that persecute you"- Jesus
· Crucifixion- Jesus died so that the sins of others can be forgiven.…read more


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