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Religion reinforces patriarchy (33 marks)

It can be argued through feminism that there is evidence of religion subordinating and oppressing
women; maintaining male dominance over women by making them believe it is god's will.
Feminists believe that women are controlled by religion in several ways, for example, dress code,…

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their appearance. This is further supported by Gross' findings related to post-patriarchal Buddhism
which was originally male orientated. In India women were viewed as subordinate to men and
were occasionally the lowest of the four castes. Buddha however accepted that women were
capable of realizing the truth, just as…

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However, Marxists criticise the feminist view that religion is a tool of women's oppression, but
under capitalism where the Church reinforces traditional gender roles whilst benefiting the ruling
class. Marxists believe the main role of religion is to legitimise and maintain the power of the ruling
class by keeping…


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