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Reicher and Haslam (2006)


a. To provide data on the unfolding interactions between groups of unequal power and privilege.
b. To analyse the conditions that lead individuals to (i) identify with their group; (ii) accept or
challenge intergroup inequalities.
c. To examine the role of social, organizational and clinical…

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Introduction process ­ Guards:

Invited to hotel the evening before the study started
Told they would be guards
Given prison timetable
Told their responsibility was to ensure that the institution ran smoothly
Asked to draw up a series of punishments for prisoner rule violation
Given uniform: formal trousers, shirt…

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Some lost faith with this and a number of former guards and prisoners decided to become the
new guards ­ asked for black berets and dark glasses to symbolize their desired authoritarian
Remainder did nothing to defend commune ­ lack of individual and collective will
For ethical reasons the…

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