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· Objective: To be able to use and find the
regression line…read more

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· Find the PMCC f the following data…read more

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Regression ­ random on random…read more

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Contents Regression
· Scatter graphs, types of correlation and
lines of best fit
· Product­moment correlation coefficient
· The effects of coding on correlation
· Regression
* of 58 © Boardworks Ltd 2005…read more

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Linear regression involves finding the equation of the line of
best fit on a scatter graph.
The equation obtained can then be used to make an estimate
of one variable given the value of the other variable.
There are two cases to consider, depending upon whether:
1. We wish to find a value of y given a value for x, or
2. We want to estimate x given y.
We deal first with the situation where both variables (x and y)
are random, and where we wish to predict a value for y given
a value for x.…read more

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As stated previously, the best fitting line should pass through
the mean point, .…read more

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