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Recycling…read more

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Question 1
As plants and They take in
animals grow, chemicals and
what happens? incorporate
elements from
these into their
bodies…read more

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Question 2
What happens The elements are
when plants recycled. These
and animal die elements include:
and decay? · Carbon
2. Nitrogen…read more

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Question 3
1. Plants remove carbon dioxide from air
by photosynthesis
Explain how 2. Feeding passes carbon compounds
along a food chain or web
carbon is 3. Plants and animals release carbon
recycled in dioxide into the air, as a product of
nature 4. Soil bacteria and fungi, acting as
decomposers, release carbon dioxide
into the air
5. Burning of fossil fuels (combustion)
releases carbon dioxide…read more

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Question 4
1. Plants take in nitrates from the
Explain how soil to make protein for growth
nitrogen is 2. Feeding passes nitrogen
compounds along a food chain
recycled in or web
nature 3. Nitrogen compounds in dead
plants and animal are broken
down by decomposers into
nitrates and returned to the soil…read more

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Question 5
percentage of 78%
the air is
nitrogen…read more

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lisa linsdell


A good resource for revising Recycling. Also includes the carbon and nitrogen cycles.

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