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Hopefully this will help! It has the description of rationalising, the easiest way to find them, changing recurring decimals to fractions and rationalising the denominator. Again I went over the top with the animation but it looks good. If any of the topics that you know you struggle with open the powerpoint then go and do some questions on it on maths websites or past papers. Good luck with your exam!

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Rational numbers... A
Now this is an easy topic one you get your head round it
and it will gain you a couple of easy marks. So make sure
you revise this and get this topic perfectly remembered.
So click on to find out more…read more

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Rational numbers are numbers that CAN be written as a
fraction in the form a/b where a and b are both integers
(whole numbers).
Irrational numbers are numbers that CANNOT be written as a
fraction in the form a/b where a and b are both integers
(whole numbers).
Rational Irrational
Any recurring decimals Pi
Any terminal decimals Square root of any number that
is not a square number.
Fractions…read more

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Change a recurring decimal into a fraction...
p le 0.6 A recurring decimal to be turned into a fraction
Exa 10x = 6.6 and the way to do this is get rid of the recurring bit.
9x = 6 For example times it by 10 and it gets rid of the
x = 6/9 recurring decimal. Then work out the fraction and
x = 2/3 then simplify it.
Sometimes it is not 10x
0.541 1000x = 541.414
10x = 5.414 10 x= 5.415
100x = 54.141
1000x= 541.414 990x = 536
x = 536/990
x = 134/225…read more

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Rationalising the denominator...
With fractions whatever you do to the
2 bottom you have to do it to the top.
1 1 2 1 2
4 2
Times it by root 2 to make it a
whole number
This isn't a rational number
So to make it rational we are
going to times the number by it's
The denominator isn't an integer
self and then we will be able to
(whole number).
simplify it.…read more




Good demonstartion of rationalising the denominator

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