Radiaiton and its effects- P1b topic gcse

Radiaiton and its effects- P1b topic gcse

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Effects of Radiation
Radioactive particles can be harmful to living cells
1. Which types of radiation can do this damage?
2. What process usually has to happen for damage to occur?
3. Which part of the cell controls cell function?
4. What do we call a cell that has been slightly altered but not killed?
5. Why are these cells so dangerous?
6. Name the condition commonly caused by these cells?
Different types of radiation cause varying degrees of damage to cells.
1. Which of these is most likely to cause the most damage to cells? alpha particle beta
particle or a gamma ray?
2. Why is this type of radiation more dangerous? give 2 reasons.
3. List at least 3 factors which determine how much harm is done to a person when
exposed to radiation?
4. What types of radiation are most dangerous when outside the body?explain
5. What type(s) of radiation is most dangerous when inside the body? Explain
In the health services, radiation is used in the treatment of many cancers
1. what type of radiation is generally used?

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What does the radiation do?
3. Why does the radiation need to be very well targeted?
Doctors need to ensure that the doses are not too low or high
1. What could happen if the dose is too low?
2. What could happen if the dose is too high?
3. A radiation burn is a lot like a normal burn, but heals more slowly. Why do you think
this is?
4. Young children and developing embryos are particularly susceptible to the effects of
radiation.…read more


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