Quotes for Russia 1855- 1964

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Government, Leadership, Repression/Reform, Opposition, Agriculture, Industry, Conditions

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Government Leadership Repression/ Reform Opposition Agriculture Industry Conditions
Alexander II Mosse- "Isolated from the Saunders- Watson- (Judicial) "the court Christian- (Emancipation) Wolfsan- (Emancipation) Wolfsan- "remained Waller- (Emanc
Russian people" (Emancipation)"process room was the only place in "peasant disturbances died away "little to improve the intensely backwards" "bitter disappo
that the Tsar barley Russia where real freedom of to a distant rumble for 40 years" agricultural efficiency of the
understood and over which speech prevailed" countryside"
he had only partial control" Pipes- "too little too late"
Alexander III Wood- "The return to an Richards- "able to launch a Maklakov - "set Russia on Wood- "this background of Wilmot- (Land Gentry) "the Wolfsan- "shock waves of Wood- "living a
increasingly centralised campaign of fierce the road to ultimate discontent offered opportunities" status and power of this industrialisation spread working condit
autocracy" repression" catastrophe" Wilmot- (conditions) "the group were eroded" from towns to the often appalling
Wolfsan- "The economic Charques- "With him died concentration of a landless overburdened peasantry"
boom brought increased any remaining chance for working class in relatively
contact with western Tsardom" confined areas created social
ideas about government" problems"
Nicholas II Wood- "social tensions Hans Rogger- (Witte)"only R.D. Charques - (Bloody Chamberlain- (end of Romanov Wolfsan- (Agrarian Reform D. Lieven ­ (war) " the Wood- (opposi
and political agitation an exceptional Tsar could Sunday) "did more than autocracy) "the most leaderless, Act 1906- October Russian defence industry "upsurge in vio
continued to trouble the long tolerate an exceptional perhaps anything else spontaneous, enormous Manifesto) "the peasant performed miracles" inspired by lan
Russian scene" minister" during the whole of the revolutions of all time" was released from his Wood- (autocracy) and industrial
Fischer Culpin&Henig - "growing reign to undermine the Wilmot- (conditions) "such obligations" "industry and commerce conditions"
-(Duma/Democracy) "the unpopularity of the allegiance of the common conditions produced an increasing were encouraged through Wilmot- "work
dilemma of attaining government was due to not people" militant class" contact with a federation returned home
complex, specifically only to the absence of firm Aron Avrekh--(Stolypin McKean- (Bloody Sunday) "there of leading industrialists" rooms and cell
western objectives in an leadership ..." Course) "the inescapable was no terrorism"
illiberal, undeveloped situation of reaction, the
society" historic destiny of a rotten
Provisional Kochen- "acclaimed by Culpin&Henig- "accepted Culpin & Henig- (WW1)
Government everyone and ultimately workers demands to "continuing the war ruled
supported by no-one" introduce an eight hour day out any possibility of an
and to accept the principle of improvement in the Russian
workers control of factories" economy"

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