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Charlotte Joseph 12G

Relationships and Processes in Schools

(d) Using information from the items and elsewhere, assess the
extent to which pupil subcultures are the cause of failure in

It can be argued that pupil subcultures are the cause of failure in school
to a large extent. Pupil subcultures…

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Charlotte Joseph 12G

on either gender or ethnicity. Many Black boys reject school in favour of
gaining street credibility amongst their peers, therefore preventing any
educational achievement. This is supported by Jasper (2002) who found
that the expectations that teachers have of Black pupils dictates the
form and style of…

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Charlotte Joseph 12G

as business studies and computing and in effect they are able to achieve
upward mobility and employment with the support of teachers and
industrial contacts.
Item A supports the view that subcultures are not entirely the cause of
school failure. It represents the `new enterprisers' proschool subculture…


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