Psychology Aggression: Neural & Hormonal explanations

Nerual & Hormonal explanations for aggressions (including: A01: Assumption of theory, Davidson, Flynn. A02: Evaluation of the theory. A03 Research that supports the theory and evaluation of research (Potegal)

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Neural and Hormonal Explanations for
A01 ­ Describing theory (9 marks)
Assumption = That aggression is the result of
biological causes. Specifically, people may have an
imbalance of hormones/neurotransmitters or
abnormal brain structure which can lead to
aggressive behaviour.

Neural Explanations:
> Role of prefrontal cortex = this controls…

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Studies of domestic pets have shown that tame animals have
higher levels of serotonin.
Lenard (2008) ­ Showed free range monkeys with higher
levels of serotonin more likely to be killed / harmed at a young
Taking tryptophan (a serotonergic drug which increases
serotonin levels) can reduce aggression in…

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> Hormones/Neural Activity (Brain Size/Structure) is easy to measure.
>Aggression is difficult to measure.
Is it scientific? >So, varies in objectivity ­ it is fairly scientific, although still not completely objective. LINK: so,
hormonal/neural theories more valid than some other explanations (e.g. social psychological) as they are more
scientifically testable.…




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