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Psychology Revision

Validating Knowledge:

Peer Reviews:
It is the assessment of scientific work by others who are experts in the
same field. Looks at it to check the validity and level of significance of
the results.
They are performed to ensure published research is of a high quality, to

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Ethical Issues:
Main issues are informed consent, deception and harm
To deal with ethical issues these principles need to be deal with:
o Respect: for the dignity and worth of the participants. Need to
consider privacy, confidentiality and informed consent. Initial
deception is only acceptable when it is necessary to…

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Types of Data:
Quantitative: measures numerical data
Qualitative: measures nonnumeral data

Data Analysis:
Mean: Cannot be used with nominal data, makes use of all values but
misrepresents when affected by extreme values.
Mode: Useful with nominal data but not useful in describing when
there's multiple modes
Median: Isn't as sensitive…


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