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The Psychodynamic
Approach…read more

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Sigmund Freud
We are animals, driven by basic biological
The emergence of society required us to bring
our animal impulses under control.
Psychology involves understanding how our
instincts are channeled to produce civilised
behaviour ­ and what can go wrong with this
process.…read more

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Freud's Iceberg Analogy…read more

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The role of the unconscious mind is very important as
it affects our behaviour
Sometimes unconscious wishes or desires come
through into consciousness during psychoanalysis:
Dream analysis
Free association
Freudian slips…read more

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The personality is split into 3 parts:
Illogical and demanding- "I want"
Realistic, rational, logical "Can I have"
Morals and conscience.…read more

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Id: Ego: Superego:
Instincts Reality Morality…read more

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