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Products from
Crude Oil
By Harry Thorpe…read more

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The main source of alkanes is from crude oil
Alkanes are covalent compounds.
They are hydrocarbons, which means they
contain hydrogen and carbon
General Formula of Alkane is CnH2n+2…read more

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A table of Alkanes
The way to remember
this table is Must Every
Prefect Be Perfect. The
Perfect is Pentane which
is not on the table
Song Name Real Name
Must Methane
Every Ethane
Prefect Propane
Be Butane
Perfect Pentane…read more

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Table of Properties of
Name of Melting Boiling Density Sate of
Alkane Point Point Matter
Methane -182 -162 0.42 Gas
Ethane -183 -88 0.55 Gas
Propane -188 -42 0.58 Gas
Octane -57 126 0.72 Liquid
C8H18…read more

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More Properties of
As the number of carbon atoms increases, the
melting points, boiling points and densities
They are insoluble in water but dissolve in organic
solvents such as benzene.
Their chemical reactivity is poor.
Very Exothermic reaction.…read more

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Cracking Alkanes
· The lighter fractions
like petrol are in
large demand.
· The heaviest
fractions are not so
useful but
chemists have to be
able to convert these
heavier fractions into
petrol and other
useful products by a
method called
CRACKING…read more

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