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Rob Brydon & McLovin'…read more

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Why is the export sector of the
economy vital for the UK?
Aggregate demand and the multiplier: An
increasing share of Britain's national output is
exported overseas as the nation becomes ever
more integrated into the global economy. Export
earnings are an injection of AD into the circular
flow. If British companies can successfully sell
more goods and services overseas, the rise in
exports boosts national income and should have
a positive multiplier effect on the national
income, output and employment.…read more

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Manufacturing Industry
Manufacturing industry: Export sales are particularly
important for manufacturing industry where exports
are a high percentage of total production. Thousands
of jobs depend directly on the performance of the
export sector and even more are affected in supply
This will help achieve full employment…read more

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Regional / local economic health
The relative success or failure of export
industries is important for certain
regions of the UK. When export sales
dip, output, employment and living
standards come under threat in certain
exporting towns or regions. (North-
South divide)…read more

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This 24 page presentation may make a change from reading detailed notes and covers competitiveness and how to increase exports.

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