Poems From Different Culture: Cluster 1 - In Depth Analysis

All poems from Cluster 1 analysis.

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English Language - Section A: Culture
Island Man ­ Grace Nichols
(for a Caribbean island man in London who
still wakes up to the sound of the sea)
and island man wakes up
to the sound of blue surf
in his head
the steady breaking and wombing
wild sea birds
and fisherman pushing out to sea
the sun surfacing defiantly
from the east
of his small emerald island
he always comes back groggily groggily
Comes back to sands
of a grey metallic soar
to surge of wheels
to dull North Circular roar
muffling muffling
his crumpled pillow waves
island man heaves himself
Another London day

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Basic Description
Island man is written for a Caribbean man living in London that still wakes up to
the sound of the sea. The poet doesn't give a specific island in order to make
the poem relatable to a greater number of people. It is about the home
sickness often felt by people who migrate from the Caribbean to England and
how the two cultures are very different.…read more

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The short and long lines of the first two stanzas, almost look like the sea
going in and out.
Blessing ­ Imtiaz Dharker
The skin cracks like a pod.
There never is enough water.
Imagine the drip of it,
the small splash, echo
in a tin mug,
the voice of a kindly god.
Sometimes, the sudden rush
of fortune. The municipal pipe bursts,
silver crashes to the ground
and the flow has found
a roar of tongues.…read more

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Basic Description
Blessing is a poem about the joy felt by a community in a third world country
with water shortages when a municipal pipe bursts. The title "blessing"
perhaps has a religious meaning, as it is often in third world countries where
people need religion the most.
The simile "the skin cracks like a pod" portrays the huge discomfort
felt when there is not enough water.…read more

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The third stanza has frequent caesura which builds up the atmosphere,
making the reader read faster and illustrate the frantic behaviour of the
The words are literally shown with the enjambment of the lines "silver
crashes to the ground/and the flow has found"
Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People in a
Mercedes ­ Lawrence Ferlinghetti
At the stoplight waiting for the light
nine a.m.…read more

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And the very red light for an instant
holding all four close together
as if anything at all were possible
between them
across that small gulf
in the high seas
of this democracy
Basic Description
The poem describes four people held together for a moment at a red traffic
light. There are two scavengers - garbagemen 'on their way home' after their
round - and two 'beautiful people', an elegant couple 'on the way to his
architect's office'.…read more

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The language is modern, simple and sometimes colloquial (e.g. 'cool
couple'). There are short cuts - '&' is used instead of 'and' (lines 12 and 24).
Ferlinghetti is making a point about American democracy.…read more

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The poem's structure is fairly free. The poet doesn't use punctuation;
instead, he begins a new line when he wants us to pause in our reading.
This slows the poem down and gives us time to appreciate each idea.
The poem appears very fragmented on the page suggesting the
fragmented or 'broken' nature of society.…read more

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When bombs smashed those mirrors
there was only time to scream.
6) There is an echo yet
of their speech which was like a song.
It was reported that their singing resembled
the flight of moths in moonlight.
Who can say? It is silent now.
Basic Description
The poem is written as though Vietnamese culture is a thing of the past and
someone is trying to find out about it.…read more

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When bombs smashed those mirrors" shows how delicate the people
"It was reported" creates distance and shows how they were seen as
foreign, inhuman and not worth treating as people, and they were only
known on a military basis
"Who can say? It is silent now" gives a final blunt statement, suggesting it is
no longer important, as they are dead, it is not worth asking questions when
it is too late- should have asked sooner.…read more



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