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The father of Western thought.
"All philosophy is just a series
of footnotes to Plato"
(A.N. Whitehead)
What do you think this quote is
Lived and wrote in Greece around
350 BCE (so 2357 years ago)
Like most important people he was
a teacher!…read more

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"So Plato, what exactly will we know when we
escape the cave?"
Lesson Objectives:
You should fully understand why Plato is a rationalist and
what this means.
You should understand a basic version of Plato's
"Theory of the Forms".…read more

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How did Plato believe that we
could have knowledge?
The things we
observe through
the senses such as
sight and taste do
not last.
They decay and It is through
fade away. These thought and ideas
things cannot give that we can gain
us true knowledge, true knowledge
since truth is
There is a "mind" or a "soul"
that is separate from the
body, and it is this that can
gain knowledge…read more

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So what has Plato done?
If we consider that we
Physical "Immaterial"
Experiences Ideas in the mind
Plato has divided them up into two different categories which are
completely separate. He said that one of them has access to true
knowledge and the other one does not. This division is called "dualism"…read more

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Everyone draw a horse:
Realm of the Forms
World of sense experience…read more

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Hierarchy of Forms…read more

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