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Transport of soluble organic substances
within a plant
Can be called assimilates
Main substance transported is sucrose
Assimilates are transported in sieve
elements which are found in phloem tissue
Also work with companion cells…read more

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· Assimilates are transported through them
· Living cells
· Cellulose wall, plasma membrane,
cytoplasm(with endoplasmic reticulum)
and mitochondria.
· No nucleus or ribosome's
· Where the end of each sieve elements
meets a sieve plate is formed, which has
large pores…read more

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Companion cells
· Each sieve element has at least one
companion cell
· Cellulose, plasma membrane, cytoplasm,
vacuole, nucleus and a large amount of
mitochondria and ribosome's(very active).
· Provide a direct pathway for
plasmodesmata (strands of cytoplasm)
through their cell walls.…read more


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