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What is an ultrasound?

A sound wave above 20,000 Hz

What does the term media mean?

The materials through which sound travels

What can be calculated from the time intervals between two different media?

The distance between the boundary and the detector (object)

What action should scientists take if…

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Why is the core made of iron?

So it becomes magnetised

Why is insulated wire used to make the coils?

To prevent a short circuit

How does a transformer work?

1. An alternating current in the primary coil
2. Produces a changing magnetic field in the core
3. Hence…

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Explain how a generator works

1. Coil cuts through the magnetic field
2. A potential difference is induced
3. The coil is part of the circuit
4. The potential difference (p.d) causes a current in the circuit
5. Slip rings and brushes enable the coil to be connected without…

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What is meant by the period of a plant?

The time for a planet to go around the sun

What is the force, which provides the centripetal force to keep the planets in orbit?

The sun's gravitational force

Explain why the solar system was formed from material produced when…


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