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t r i ci t y
n s E lec
Mai…read more

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aroun and batte
called d the circ ries supp
suppl direct cu uit in one ly curren
and p y passes rrent, cu directio t that pas
curre asses in a in one dir rrent from n. Thi ses
s is
50 he nt). Frequ nother d ection, th the mai
times rtz theref ency of t irection. ( en reversns
230V each sec ore it alte he UK ma Alternatin es
. ond. V rnate in g
oltage s direcs supply i
of the tion 50 s
s is
Live wire of the mains supply alternates between a positive and a
negative potential with respect to the neutral wire. Neutral wire stays
at zero volts. The live wire alternates between +325 volts and -325
volts. In terms of electrical power this is equivalent to a direct
potential difference of 230 volts.…read more

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Be aw
are o
Using f over
electr long
or fra
Over icity n yed c
loadin ear so ables
g soc u r ces o
Most kets w f heat
suppl lectrical ith to and w
y usin appli o man ater
g c a a nc e y ada
Oute ble an s are ptors
beingr cover of d a th conne
r e c t e
and p
cond good ins hree pin t e pin p d t o
uctor ulator lug t h e mai
h plug ns
Cable ard an s . Pins i s made
d will are m of pla
wires grip mu n o t r u
a d e o stic o
s s t s f
r oxid ass go r rubber
s and
conne h o wing e faste b t o r
cted f inside ned ti ize. od
Appli i r m ly to t p l u g
g and ly oveh t
attach ances ermin corre r cable
ed to w i t h m a l o f corr ct cable , no bar
the ea al cas e t ect pi must e
Appli rt h wir e s must n . b e
they aances wit e in th b
e cab e earthed
with t re doubl h plastic le. , case
neutr wo core ce insulate cases do n is
al wir able c d and o
e. ontain are cot need to b
ing ju n e
st a li nected to earthed
ve wi s
re an upply
da…read more


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