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Experimental setup:
Put a clean zinc plate (zinc has a lowish work function) on the top of a goldleaf electroscope.
Charge the zinc plate negatively (e.g. with the negative terminal of a very high PD power supply, also
known as an EHT supply). The gold leaf rises…

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in metal with KE = 2eV with KE = 1.5eV

The maximum KE of the emitted photoelectron will be equal to photon energy ­ work function.
KEmax = hf ­

At the threshold frequency, fo, KEelectron = 0 (the electrons are only just released). This means that the
photon energy…

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What can't be explained by a wave model?
A wave model can explain why the effect happens, as the wave supplies energy to releases electrons. It
can't explain:
The existence of a threshold frequency e.g. why bright visible light doesn't work but dim UV light
does. Bright visible light delivers…


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