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The law is an intriguing concept, evolving from societies originalities and moral perspectives. By
participating in the legal system, we may endeavour to formulate a link between our own unique
beliefs and the world in which we live. Evidently, a just sense of legality is a potent prerequisite for
change, enabling society to continue its quest for universal equality and justice. Aristotle once
stated that "even when laws have been written down, they ought not to remain unaltered". In my
opinion, these laws must adapt to compliment the diverse cultures that exist today, rendering
social injustices obsolete. For me, law is an intriguing catalyst for inspiration, equipping me with
burning ambitions and a prominent desire within. I believe that the course will challenge my
intellectual potential, resulting in the expression of my own, authentic opinions and judgements
Over time, responsibility has enhanced my talents and enabled me to display elements of initiative
and organisation. Being elected Head Girl has allowed me to represent my fellow peers, hence
adding a greater dimension to my academic career. Moreover, I have also recently completed the
Bronze Award with the Duke of Edinburgh programme. This event allowed me to operate within a
team orientated environment, whilst simultaneously maintaining my individual sense of
achievement. In terms of pursuing my interest in law, I have also completed work experience at
IBB Solicitors. This process of shadowing professionals permitted me to survey the career with a
greater sense of clarity. I agree with the ideology that the peoples good is the highest law.
Experiencing the profession first hand has enlightened me on the complexities, yet benefits of
justice, culminating in a potent, long term inspiration
Although academics play a crucial role in my life, I constantly endeavour to develop a parallel
between my education and my extra curricular activities. On many occasions I pursue my love for
the performing arts and attempt to express my creative abilities through the medium of Drama.
Last year I produced a film on domestic violence towards men, which aired on BBC2. By utilising
such an unconventional topic, I was able to demonstrate my understanding on diverse issues,
deviating from societies perception of normality. Conversely, I also enjoy reading a myriad of
literary texts, for instance "To Kill a Mocking Bird" by Harper Lee. By reading, I can admire the
genius of my contemporaries and expand the boundaries of my imagination. My goal is to
intertwine juxtaposing aspects of my life, hence providing me with a personal sense of satisfaction
and achievement
My philosophy is that certain moments in our lives encapsulate our beliefs and offer us a distinct
sense of clarity and meaning. During my travels throughout India, I witnessed economic
deprivation, inhumane landscapes and physical turmoil. Although I cannot comprehend and solve
every dilemma that surrounds us, it is my faith in the legal system that enables hope to prevail. If
we capitalise on the power of law, we may attempt to instil justice and equality to all, evoking
change and social improvement for those less fortunate than ourselves
To me, university is the first part of a transitional journey.
Legality is by far the most influential topic in my life and I look forward to participating in such a
rewarding and self enriching course.

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While the law may be too ungainly and inefficient a vehicle to directly change the world, it offers a
unique opportunity to help influence people's interpretation of the world. I have always longed to
be in a more intellectual environment where I might be allowed to see things from a different
perspective.…read more

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Justice is open to everyone in the same way as the Ritz hotel." As a white middle class female born
into the 21st century justice is something I have always seen as a right yet as Judge Sturgess'
quote suggests, millions worldwide are deprived of this fundamental right daily. The study of and
as a result the development of the legal system is I believe the only way of challenging the current
state of the justice system.…read more

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Literature can be seen as a microcosm of society, reflecting the irregularities and inequalities that are present in
everyday life. As an English student, my initial interest in Law stemmed from its portrayal in fictional works such
as `To Kill a Mockingbird;' however, it is the real life applications, as explored in the Times Law supplement and
films like `Erin Brockovich,' showing it to be both humanitarian and intellectually stimulating that affirmed my
aspirations to study Law.…read more

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My first ambition is
to qualify as a solicitor, but with a keen interest in international law, I am also interested in the
possibilities offered by careers in the UN or the EU. As well as knowledge of our legal system, a
law degree will afford me the opportunity to think analytically and critically, and to gain an
appreciation of the philosophical principles underpinning its rules.…read more

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Law is one of the most multifaceted and thought-provoking subjects in our culture today, and thus
it would be a truly stimulating experience to study it at degree level. Incorporating as it does vital
concepts of fairness and justice, allowing nations and societies to function efficiently, the aspect of
law that I am particularly interested in is the Human Rights, which I believe is possibly the most
fascinating and far-reaching development of law.…read more

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This fascination continued in my discovery of the importance of case law in Britain and the
fact that the Courts decide the result of cases based on previous cases or precedent. The
unearthing of such crucial details (and through considering their decisive implications) assured me
that Law was able to hook my interest. My work experience at 'X &Y' solicitors allowed me to gain
access into a world of people whose daily interactions with the legal system I found truly inspiring.…read more

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Very few things in life are as controversial yet as inescapable as law. Potentially, it impacts on
religion, culture, sexuality, marriage and even how loud we listen to our favourite songs at night.
Individuals can hold different values and lead vastly different lives but the role of the law is to
essentially provide a fair and consistent service to all. The interpretability and incomparability of
this system attracts me strongly to the subject.…read more

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Since my early childhood I have been fascinated by the rules that govern society and the way in
which these rules are created, reformed and enforced. The law is inextricable from every day life:
from something as minor as buying the morning paper to the rules governing space exploration. It
is this omnipresence of the law that makes it such a fascinating topic to me personally.…read more

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The law is ever changing, keeping in sync with society. As different situations arise, the legal body
has to adapt through means of reforms and precedent in order to maintain equality. I believe law
must ironically abide by the only rule of the country that remains the same; keeping justice. This is
what makes the system so fascinating, and is why the LLB seems both intriguing and challenging to
me.…read more


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