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The properties of the elements organised in the periodic
table show trends which repeat themselves in each period.
These trends are known as periodic trends and the study of these trends is known as periodicity.

Trends in period III
Atomic radius decreases across the period because nuclear charge increases…

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If universal indicator is added to a solution of chlorine water, it first turns red since both the
reaction products are acids. The red colour then disappears and a colourless solutions is left
because chloric(I) acid is a very effective bleach.

If chlorine is bubbled through water in the presence…

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Acid-base properties of the oxides of period III elements

Physical properties, structure and bonding
Ionic lattices are held together by strong electrostatic forces between ions, so that these lattices
have high melting points. Macromolecular solids also have high melting points, because the atoms
are held together by strong covalent bonds.…


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