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drugs (PED)…read more

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O Oversees the battle against performance-
enhancing substances and techniques.
O Aims to protect the health of athletes.…read more

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Banned substances
O Anabolic steroids ­ used for building muscle
mass and performance
O Peptide hormones ­ stimulates red blood cell
O Beta-2 agonists ­ dilate the airways, allowing
more air into the lungs
O Hormone agonists ­ chemicals which mask
the action of another hormone
O Diuretics ­ stimulates excess urination…read more

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Banned substances
O Blood doping ­ blood transfusions, donated
blood or artificial oxygen-carrying compounds =
increases amount of oxygen in blood
O Gene doping ­ changing the genetic make-up of
cells to enhance performance
O Stimulants ­ increases heart rate and alertness
O Narcotics ­ powerful painkillers, cause drowsiness
O Beta blockers ­ reduces the heart rate and any
responses to adrenaline…read more

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Anabolic steroids stimulate
protein synthesis and
bigger and stronger muscles
Anabolic steroids
O Natural testosterone can pass through the cell surface
O They bind to receptor molecules
O They modify gene expression in the nucleus
O The hormone/receptor complex acts as a transcription
factor, binding to the DNA and switching on certain
O This changes the RNA produced, which affects the type
and numbers of protein and the enzymes produced.…read more

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Hormone enters cell and
binds to receptor.
A hormone-receptor
complex forms.
complex enters nucleus
and acts as transcription
factor, switching a gene
linked to enzyme synthesis
on or off.…read more

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