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January 2009:
"Comment on the relevance of these estimates for meat producers in China." [8]
The estimates show that they are normal and superior goods, and that an increase in real income will lead to an increase in
demand and vice versa. Income elasticity of demand for pork is…

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target their services to the above average earners. The data is only an estimate and is dependent on things such as the
nature of the consumer's income and health.

January 2010:
"Comment on why there is likely to be information failure amongst consumers
of processed red meat products." [6]…

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January 2011:
"Define the term 'cross elasticity of demand'." [2]
XED measure the sensitivity of demand for one product with respect to the change in price of another. % of quantity
demand of X ÷ % in price of Y.

January 2011:
"Using the information in Fig. 1,…

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January 2012:
"Explain why the opportunity cost of removing waste chewing gum from
Peterborough's streets is not zero." [2]
The £150m spent on resources to remove waste chewing gum could have been used to fund other government
investments such as education or infrastructure.

January 2012:
"Using information in…


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