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GCSE Physics
The Wave Model of Radiation…read more

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What is this unit about?
Our lives depend on radiation. For example visible light.
Without it we would not be able to function as we are.
Light and all radiation travels in waves, has many
different properties and what we can do with these
waves has highly helped technology in time.…read more

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How are transverse waves different to
longitudinal waves?
In longitudinal waves, the vibrations are along the same
direction as the wave is travelling
In transverse waves, the vibrations are at 90o to the
direction of travel of the wave…read more

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Draw a diagram of a transverse wave
Wavelength…read more

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What is the frequency of a sound wave that has a
speed of 1500m/s in water and a wavelength of 10m?
Frequency = Speed / Wavelength
1500m/s divided by 10m = 150Hz…read more

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Why does sound travel faster in water?
Sound travels faster in water because the particles are
closer together, therefore having less distance to travel
in order to collide and send the wave on.…read more

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