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· How are rainbows formed?
· How is `white' light made?
· What happens when a ray of light is shone at a mirror?…read more

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Spectrum of Light
Light is made up of SEVEN colours ­
Red Richard
Orange Of
Yellow York
Green Gave
Blue Battle
Indigo In
Violet Vein…read more

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Keywords:…read more

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Reflection in a mirror
Angle of incidence = Angle of reflection…read more

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What do we already know:
· White light is made up of 7 colours.
· Light travels in straight lines.
· Light can be reflected.
· Light can be refracted (bent).
· Light can be absorbed.…read more

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More on Light:
· Light travels in waves.
· Light transfers energy from one place to another.
· Visible light (light that we see) is part of the
electromagnetic spectrum.…read more

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Light waves:
A wave is affected by two
· Its wavelength ­ how long it
· Its frequency ­ how many
waves pass a certain point in
1s.…read more

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Remember ­ waves transfer energy and not matter!
Therefore, waves of different wavelengths have
different effects.
Task: Calculate the wavelength of the waves.…read more


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