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Q1 ­ What is heat measuring?
Q2 ­ What is temperature measuring?
Q3 ­ What is specific heat capacity? And what is the equation?
It tells you how much energy stuff can store
Energy = mass X specific heat capacity X temperature change
Q4- What is specific latent heat? And what is the equation?
It is the energy needed to change state?
Energy = mass X specific latent heat
Q5 ­ What state does conduction take place in?
Q6 ­ What state(s) does convection occur in?
Q7 ­ Where does radiation come from?
The sun
Q8 ­ Do all objects emit and absorb heat radiation?
Q9 ­ What is payback time?
How long it takes to save the money that you have spent on something
Q10 ­ What is a thermo gram?
It is a picture that shows up all of the heat in different colours
It can show where heat is being lost from a house
Q11 ­ What is the equation for efficiency?
Efficiency = useful energy output / total energy input (X100%)
Q12 ­ What is a sankey diagram?
It is a diagram showing the arrows that represent amounts of energy that are lost

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Q13 ­ What is the equation for wave speed?
Speed = frequency X wavelength
Q14 ­ What properties do waves have?
Q15 ­ What is the law of reflection?
Angle of incidence = angle of reflection
Q16 ­ What is it called when a wave hits a surface?
Total internal reflection
Q17 ­ What is diffraction?
When waves spread out
Q18 ­ What is refraction?
When the angle of reflection changes because it is travelling through a more or less dense
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Q24 ­ What are infrared waves mainly used for?
Q25 ­ What are radio waves mainly used for?
Q26 ­ What can refraction do?
It can make the radio waves travel further
Q27 ­ What does digital radio help reduce?
Q28 ­ What are microwaves used for?
Satellite communication
Q29 ­ Why are some people saying that living near a mobile phone mast is dangerous?
Microwaves can radiate onto the people living below
It can damage your health
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