Others in Nazi Germany

Covers those considered "non-German" and what the "Ideal Race" was believed to be by the Nazi Party

By my History teacher.

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`Others' in Nazi Germany
Last time we looked at the
Nazis desire to build a
`National Community' or
Volksgemeinenschaft that
was filled with loyal
German-Aryan citizens.
However, there were those
who didn't fit in with this
vision, and they were
targeted from early on in
the regime.…read more

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Key Term: Social Darwinism
· `The Survival of the Fittest',
weak and vulnerable species
die out as they cannot
compete with the strong.
· Poverty and many other
social ills were the result of
`bad genes'.
· The basis of Nazi race theory.
· "The stronger has to rule and
must not mate with the
weaker," Hitler, Mein Kampf.…read more

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Hitler's Ideas
· Believed there were 2 different
types of racism: emotional and
· Emotional racism is when people
simply hate other people but can'
t really explain why.
· Rational racism is where the hate
grows out of a `logical'
development of ideas.
· Describing racism as `rational'
turns unreasonable ideas into
reasonable ones ­ this is one
reason that made Hitler so
dangerous and perhaps can being
to explain why the Nazis were
able to carry out such attrocities.…read more

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"Our starting point is not the individual...that is
not our objective. Our objective is entirely
different...we must have a healthy people in
order to prevail in the world".
Dr. Goebbels, Nazi party rally Nuremberg,
September 1938…read more

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Problems with German society
according to Hitler
· Problems had occurred in the past because Germany was not
a racially pure country ­ he referred to this as Germany being
`contaminated' by other races.
· World War One is a big example of this past problem. Hitler
believed they had lost the war because Germany had been a
divided and weak nation (through class, religion and political
· To produce a racially pure society you would need a
contribution from German women, but the 1920s saw fewer
German women were having children.
· Similarly, because of the war, there were fewer men to
become fathers. The Nazis would need to encourage all
available Aryan men to have lots of healthy children.…read more

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The Ideal German Race
· Hitler believed Aryans were superior
not just because of their intelligence
but because of their capacity to work
hard and sacrifice themselves for
their country.
· Physically, they were tall, long-
legged, slim built.
· Face ­ narrow forehead, thin nose,
lower jaw, prominent chin, red-
cheeked (the idea that their pure
blood shined through), hair is
straight or wavy and blonde.
· Women needed to be virgins before
marriage, described as having an
`unblemished past'.…read more

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