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Of Mice and Men
Year 11 Revision
Shannon Brown…read more

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Of Mice and Men
George Milton
A fairly intelligent itinerant worker who travels around with Lennie
Dreams of owning and working a small farm
Aware of the low expectations and aimless lifestyle that are typical of the average itinerant
farm worker
George has taken on responsibility for Lennie partly out of pity, affection and companionship
George represents the head or intelligence of George and Lennie
Steinbeck's practical realism ensures that the reader doesn't think George is exploiting
George understands that Lennie is both…read more

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Lennie is the gentlest character but also the most destructive
His fear turns to anger
Can't control his own strength
Dignified and charismatic
Exerts a natural authority
Gentle and friendly
Represents a strong moral force
Acts like the conscience to the other characters
Steinbeck's description of Slim suggest an idealised characterisation
Steinbeck attaches images of royalty and divinity to Slim
Has authority ­ "the prince of the ranch"
Isn't intimidated by Curley's wife or Curley
Practical and wise but he has got a sympathetic…read more

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Carlson and Whit
Carlson doesn't consider anyone's feelings
Doesn't understand why George and Slim seem upset at the end of the novel
Whit is a fun guy
Not bitter about ranch life
Lonely and desperate for company and friendship
Whit has no ambition
Already tainted by the harsh ranch life
Continually aggressive
Constantly looking for an opportunity to assert his masculinity
Curley needs to boost his self-esteem and confidence
Takes advantage of those who he thinks are weak
Takes pleasure in inflicting pain and…read more

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Loneliness and Isolation
Their loneliness motivates them to look for an alternative way of life
Candy seeks comfort and solace in his dog,
George and Lennie seek it in each other
Crooks seeks it in his pride and skill at pitching horseshoes
Men on ranch are like orphans
Crooks segregated because of his colour
Animals seem to provide a temporary solution to the problem of loneliness
Looking for companionship can be dangerous
Crooks is treated badly due to his colour
Crooks Is an…read more

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Dreams often kept a secret to begin with
George is displeased when Lennie and Candy tell Crooks about their dream.…read more

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