"Of Mice and Men" Character Profile- Slim

A charcter analysis of Slim, a main protagonist of the novel "Of Mice and Men"

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Character profile- Slim
Slim is the most respected man on the ranch. All the other characters listen to him and
follow his judgments. However, despite his authority, Slim is powerless to stop the tragic
events of the story from happening.
Slim is an excellent and respected worker
He's a "jerkline skinner" (he controls a team of mules)- a very skilful job. He's
easy-going and his work team is the best one to be on.
He's described as "the prince of the ranch" and he has "authority"- people listen to
what he says.
Slim's fit and healthy- which means he attracts the attention of Curley's wife.
He's the only person she addresses by name, and he calls her "Good-lookin'".
Slim isn't intimidated by Curley's wife. He gves her the attention she's so
desperate for by commenting on her appearance. This also shows he's not afraid
of Curley.
Slim is there at key moments
He supports Carlson at the crucial moment before Candy's dog is killed. This isn't
cruelty- it's practical. The dog was old and suffering.
When he drowns four of his own dog's puppies he simply says "She couldn't feed
that many." He had to kill some or else they would have all died.
He organises Curley's trip to the doctor when Lennie breaks his hand.
He twice says Lennie has to be killed at the end- "I guess we gotta get `im".
It's Slim who comforts George after he's shot Lennie- He sits next to him, then
takes him off for a drink.
He's dependent of George in both body and mind
Slim seems to be the conscience of the novel. He has a strong sense of right and
wrong and the men trust his judgement.
Slim is the first character to call Crooks by his name instead of "nigger" or "stable
buck". He treats him with more respect than the other characters do.
He understands the way nature works- that people or animals who are weak will
not survive in nature. He could have stopped Candy's dog being killed by Carlson,
but he chose not to.
Slim is...
o Respected: "his word was taken on any subject"
o Mysterious: "understanding beyond thought"
o Godlike: "calm, Godlike eyes"


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