"Of Mice and Men" Character Profile- Candy

A charcter analysis of Candy, a protagonist of the novel "Of Mice and Men"

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Character profile- Candy
Candy's story is almost as depressing as Lennie's. He's a victim of a life of work. He's
already lost a hand, and during the story he loses his dog and his dream. At the end he
lays down and covers his eyes.
Candy seems harmless- but he can be mean about people
He's patient with George when he's in a foul mood- he reassures him that his bed
is free of lice
He befriends Lennie and George, and then Crooks (but only for a brief moment)-
their dream of a farm own their farm binds them together. He feels sorry for
Lennie even though he's just killed Curley's wife- he says he's a poor "bastard".
Candy's not always nice to people. He blames Curley's wife for her own death,
shouting at her body and calling her a "God damn tramp".
He's a gossip too- he calls Curley "scrappy" and Curley's wife a "tart".
Candy is...
o Old: "lousy ol' sheep"
o Weak: "When thay can shoot me here I wisht somebody'd shoot me."
o One handed: "I ain't much good with on'y one hand."
He's frail and powerless- like his dog
Candy is old, weak and disabled- he lost his right hand in a machine on the farm.
He gets "gut ache" and he's always scratching himself. He's a physical wreck.
He has the least respected job of all the characters- the "swamper" (cleaner).
He's not respected by the others. No one tries to save his dg from execution.
He' always getting left behind- he doesn't go with the men when they go into
town on Saturday nights, and he doesn't join in when they go off to lynch Lennie
Candy suffers prejudice because of his age and his disability.
Candy's an example of the depressing destiny that all the other, younger ranch
hands face
He's always trying to kid himself
Candy is very, very quick to be seduced by George and Lennie's dream- he offers
them all of his money when he's only known them for one day.
One of the reasons why Candy offers to help pay for the ranch is that he wants to
own something concrete- a share of his own land. This is his versions of the
American Dream. This also explains why doesn't want one of Slim's spare puppies-
he wants his own dog.


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