Of Mice and Men

Find the quotations.

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Of Mice and Men: Find the Quotation
1. p9 Lennie is being childish
2. p23 George is desperate for work
3. p31 Noises describing the ranch
4. p35 Slim described using religious language
5. p36 Description of Carlson
6. p42 George's cruel past
7. p46 Candy's closeness to his dog
8. p51 Tension as they wait for the dog's execution
9. p62 Candy can make the dream a reality
10. p67 Lennie's superhuman strength

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Description of Crooks
12. p85 Curley's wife threatens Crooks
13. p89 A symbol of impending doom (things will go wrong)
14. p94 Curley's wife's deam
15. p98 Curley's wife finds peace
16. p100 candy's anger at the broken dream
17. p108 Lennie hallucinates
18. p112 George kills Lennie
19. p112 George is stunned after murder
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