OCR AS Chemistry F332: Halogenoalkanes

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A halogenoalkanes is an alkane with at least 1 halogen atom in place of a hydrogen atom.
Trichloromethane 2-bromo-2-chloro-1, 1, 1-trifluroethane
Naming Halogenoalkanes
Look for the longest carbon chain ­ this gives you the last part of the compounds
The names and positions of the halogen atoms are described at the start
Add `chloro-` `bromo-` or `iodo-` depending on the type of halogen(s)
If there's more than one type of halogen, put them in alphabetical
Show the positions of halogen atoms on the carbon chain by including
the numbers of the carbon atoms they're attached to
If there's more than one identical halogen atom, use di - (2), tri- (3) or
tetra- (4) before that part of the name
Full structural formula Skeletal formula Name


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